The Pros and Cons of Being an Escort

The profession of Escorting might be harder than you think and easier than one can imagine. It is a strong mix between them, as it offers comfort and reliability on top of lack of safety and security. So to get things straight, here are some of the pros and cons that might occur if your an escort.


The Finances

It is a known fact that escorts get paid way more than your boss. Their jobs provide them with enough finances to make them financially secure and stable. This is also one of the main reasons why people tend to turn towards this profession in times of hardships and struggles. Such difficulties and struggles include sending children to school, monthly bills, mortgage expenses etc. Apart from all that, they pay which an escort receives is also bound to increase at times. When clients make demands, escorts tend to satisfy their purpose with extra pay. Hence the profession offers a lifetime of stability.


There are numerous agencies which provide escort services to clients all over. Such services are only granted after they agree to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. By following such rules, clients are requested to follow the norms of safety, keeping in mind the health of the escort. So here clients cannot make demands which are out of the contract, and if they do so, then escorts have the right to say no.


Health Effects

Regardless of all the safety measures, there still arise moments which can lead to drastic health effects. As an escort, you are exposing your body to several diseases with the added risk of getting pregnant. So based on health, the profession of escorting might not be the brightest of ideas one can think of. Also, in the case of female escorts, some clients refuse to use protection as they want to gain the maximum out of the moment.

Strange and Unusual Demands

The profession of escorting might top the list of strange occupations due to the kind of demands they tend to face from clients. If you hear stories from escorts, you might be surprised to listen to the types of people who live in our midst. So the job can be frustrating at times due to such requests. Although you have the right to refuse, it still concerns your job, and the more you resist, the lesser clients you will eventually end up getting. To add on, many escorts do not reveal they’re real profession to the world because at times people tend to look upon the profession rather than the individual. This opens the door to strange encounters in public, as most of them are aware of your identity and whereabouts.